How to Become a DJ

Everyone loves a good DJ. And it's a great job -- you play music to enhance people's fun at clubs, parties and celebrations. There are even special schools where you can learn to become a DJ and get hands-on training. This is how you prepare to become a DJ:

  1. Be passionate about music. A DJ's entire professional life revolves around music and trends in the world of music. If you're not passionate about music, this is not the career for you.
  2. Develop a style of your own. DJs not only play music, they help create a party's or club's atmosphere. Most DJ schools recommend that students go to clubs and observe how the crowds respond to the music, the beats, the sound system, the lighting and the technical intricacies.
  3. Sign up for lessons. There are excellent schools that offer individual components or full courses in DJ training. Although this isn't essential, there are advantages to taking courses.
  4. Market yourself. Be sure to hand out business cards at every event you work. Start by working small parties and events. As you gain more experience, you're reputation will precede you, and you'll be able to work larger events and clubs.

Taking DJ courses offer the following advantages:


  • You'll learn to use the latest digital equipment. This will prepare you to work in any environment -- from unsophisticated to state-of-the-art.
  • You'll learn to develop your own mixing style [source: DJ4life].
  • You'll have a chance to develop your DJ skills, "live." Schools can help you find real venues where you can perform.
  • You'll have a chance to take courses in being your own DJ entrepreneur. You'll learn how to conduct a good "DJ" interview, where to find good DJ prospects and how to run your own company successfully [source: fame].