6 Careers With Great Benefits

Radio DJ
"I'll play whatever my corporate media company overlords tell me to as long as I can go see Taylor Swift for free!" Inti St Clair/Blend Images/Getty Images

Are you someone with a meticulously curated collection of tunes? Are you always up on current music trends and seem to know exactly who's going to be the next big thing? How about a melodious voice and a talent for filling dead air? Radio DJs have a love of music and the gift of gab. The salary of a disc jockey may not be on the high end — salaries for U.S. DJs run between $27,000 and $40,000 — but if you're a music fan, you might not mind much [source: Amoia]. The Bureau of Labor Statistics groups DJs in the category of radio and television announcers, and relays that the 2016 median pay was $30,830.

Although it's notoriously difficult to break into the industry, once you do, radio DJs can work for small, local stations or end up on a syndicated show with millions of listeners. DJs don't work typical hours, which can give flexible night owls or early birds a lot of freedom. Perks and bonuses include tickets to concerts and shows, previews of new music, lots of record company swag, and interviews with local celebrities and musicians. And you'll finally have someone (or, ideally, thousands of someones) to listen to you talk about that amazing new band coming to town.