6 Careers With Great Benefits


Circus Artist

"Wait, did I forget to unplug the iron?" Carl Court/Getty Images
"Wait, did I forget to unplug the iron?" Carl Court/Getty Images

The category of circus arts comprises a list of unique jobs for unique people. We're not talking about clowns or ringmasters, though. Circus artists include trapeze artists, acrobats, aerialists or dancers. Think Cirque Du Soleil. Performers of this caliber spend most of their time on tour but usually receive benefits like health and life insurance, vacation and performance bonuses. And circus artists can make a lot of money: Depending on the troupe, some performers earn in the six figures [source: Folger]. Many companies provide their performers with free transportation back home for vacation time as well.

Other perks include free meals and lodging on tour, free tickets to performances and the opportunity to travel the world. Of course, the job of an acrobat is not without danger. In May 2014, several acrobats with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus were seriously injured when an apparatus that holds performers by their hair failed [source: CNN]. However, if you have the talent, soul and flexibility of a performer and the desire to travel, mingle with other cultures and gain a second "tour family," the one-of-a-kind circus artist field is one to consider.