6 Careers With Great Benefits

Flight Attendant
"Man, getting paid to travel the world almost makes up for all those rude passengers!" Westend61/getty Images

If you like to travel and don't mind putting up with demanding — or even downright aggressive — people for hours at a time, a flight attendant job might be right for you. Typical flight attendant jobs offer health insurance and 401(k)s on top of a median salary of $48,500 [source: BLS]. Some airlines even offer tuition assistance. As you might imagine, travel benefits are generous. You can usually travel free during your time off, and your friends and family can accompany you on a buddy pass at a discounted rate (but buyer beware: That pass means your buddy's flying standby).

And some airlines have reciprocal agreements, meaning you can hitch a flight on a different airline than the one that signs your paycheck. For instance, United Airlines' reciprocal agreement with Frontier Airlines means United flight attendants can hop a Frontier flight — space permitting, of course — without paying for a ticket [source: United AFA].

A flight attendant doesn't work a typical 9-to-5 day, meaning you may fly constantly for a few days but then have several days off in a row. During your layovers in a new city or country, the airline pays for your lodging and meals. You can take this time to decompress, adjust to a new time zone and enjoy the sights. Of course, you have to be a people person to work as a flight attendant — and be able to lift heavy bags, handle harassment and deal with jet lag — but if the benefits of traveling around the country or the world outweigh the negatives, this can be a great career for those with the travel bug.