6 Careers With Great Benefits

"I can't believe I have to help this dog finish its TPS reports again." Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

People settle into careers in all different ways. Some decide early what they want to do and go after it with gusto. Others experiment with different careers until they find the one that fits best. Whichever path you take, your career is ideally one that you enjoy and also gives you benefits and perks that make your life easier and maybe even a little bit more fun.

Benefits can include health insurance, job security, perks, bonuses, housing or even free meals. Some companies are famous for their unique benefits. Google, for example, offers free breakfast, lunch and dinner to its employees — which is helpful, considering Googlers are at the office pretty much all the time. Workers can even bring their pets to the office for cuddlefests as needed. Johnson & Johnson is one of a small but growing number of employers offering its employees a free concierge service so workers don't have to run errands during the day [source: Stanger]. The Facebook campus keeps free bikes around to help workers to get from meeting to meeting. Having a bad hair day? They have an on-site barbershop too.

We've chosen six interesting careers with some great side benefits. Maybe there's something in there to spark your interest. Let's go!