Top 5 Countries for New Fathers


4 Father Friendliest Country: Finland

Finnish fathers can take a “daddy’s month”.
Finnish fathers can take a “daddy’s month”.
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Although a growing number of countries have begun extending paternity or parental leave, which either parent can use, many new dads don't enjoy the benefits to their full extent. Likely because of garnished paternity leave wages, only one in 10 British dads, for example, have maxed out their time off, compared to the 90 percent of British moms who elect to take their full maternity leave [sources: Peacock , Shore]. In Finland, about one in six dads opt for paternity leave, although that proportion may grow due to an incentivizing tactic called "daddy's month." The Finnish government provides for up to 18 days of paternity leave immediately following a new birth or adoption. New fathers who take off the final two weeks that initial paternity leave, rather than going back to the office early, are eligible for an extra month of leave, or the "daddy's month " [source: Kela]. Granted, new Finnish dads won't receive 100 percent of their income while they're on leave, but a stipend that varies based on their salary.