Top 5 Countries for New Fathers


5 Father Friendliest Country: Spain

Spain offers news dads four weeks of paid paternity leave.
Spain offers news dads four weeks of paid paternity leave.
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Spain welcomes new dads with a hearty abrazo, or embrace, along with four weeks of paid paternity leave [source: International Labor Organization]. Spanish parents are also entitled to roughly 300 weeks of legally sanctioned parental leave after the birth of a new baby, which is shared between a couple until their child is 3 years old [source: Ray, Gornick and Schmitt]. On top of that, Spanish parents are also legally allowed to work on a part-time basis until their children turn 8 years old, although that option doesn't compensate moms or dads for their reduced hours [source: Kamerman]. For dads, the Spanish government initially sanctioned 13 days of paid paternity leave under a gender equity law passed in 2007, but extended the benefit to a healthy four weeks, effective January 2011 [source: Evisor]. Following suit, Great Britain enacted two-week paid paternity leave in 2011, despite opposition from small businesses that fear mandated paternity leave could result in a debilitating spike in absentee employees, whom they would still be obligated to pay [source: BBC].