10 Worst Things to Donate After a Disaster

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3 Cool Charities Looking for Knitters

3 Cool Charities Looking for Knitters

HowStuffWorks profiles three charities that need knitted items, including the Snuggles Project, Knitted Knockers and Wildlife Victoria.

Author's Note: 10 Worst Things to Donate After a Disaster

The most important thing I learned writing this article is the danger of being half-right. We are absolutely right to assume that supplies like extra clothes, blankets and nonperishable food are critical following a natural disaster. But we are wrong to think that the best way to get those goods to the victims of a disaster is by donating them ourselves. In fact, by taking the great initiative to collect, pack and ship donations to a disaster area, we are making life much more difficult for the overwhelmed relief workers and volunteers on the ground.

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