10 Skills That You Need to Run an Online Business by Yourself

Raising (at Least a Little) Capital
Do you have enough in your piggy bank to start your business? Or do you know how to get the money? Colin Anderson/Blend images/Getty Images

Unless you're building sculptures out of trash and selling them on eBay, you're going to need some money to get started. This cash will cover the cost of purchasing inventory or raw materials to make your products, as well as necessities like online ads. So develop a realistic estimate of how much money you'll need until revenue starts flowing. You may be able to sock away enough bucks from your day job, since according to a recent Intuit survey, 40 percent of all small businesses started with less than $5,000 in seed money, and 65 percent with less than $10,000 [source: McCarny].

But if you have a more expensive dream business and no wealthy Uncle Ned, don't despair. These days, you may be able to turn to a crowdfunding site such as Fundable, which proclaims that it's raised money for more than 377,000 startups. Your ability to write persuasive copy to sell others on your business idea will come in handy for this site, as well as for applying for any bank or SBA loans.