How to Work From Home: 10 Real-world Tips

Devise a Snack Resistance Plan
Stock up on nuts and dried fruit as well as crunchy vegetables to get through the snack attacks without gaining a ton. iStock/Thinkstock

Snacking in the office is its own minefield — unhealthy vending machine options, a microwave that smells like tuna-flavored popcorn — but snacking at home is even worse. Your kitchen, with all of its delectable choices, is just a few steps away. Working from home, there is a constant temptation to wander there every time you're bored, anxious or frustrated with an assignment, which is pretty much all the time. To avoid putting on 20 pounds (9 kilograms) in two weeks, you need a snack resistance plan.

If you have excellent self-control, confine your eating to scheduled meals. For example, lunch is every day at 12:30 and dinner is at 7. Aside from caffeine breaks, vow to avoid the kitchen outside of those prescribed meal times.

But if you're like the rest of us, working without snacking is like working without breathing. In that case, the best game plan is to stock your shelves with lots of healthy snacks. Fresh fruit, carrots, celery, unsalted nuts and dried fruit are all great options. Personally, I go through a lot of sugar-free gum; some would say too much gum (my dentist, mostly), but it's better than the bag of Nestle Toll House dark chocolate chips that's calling to me from the freezer.