10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

Online Counselor
From her home office in the U.S. Dr. Danille Drake talks with Jing Jing Huang, a psychiatrist in China, during their weekly Skype call. Dr. Drake supervises Jing Jing Huang as she learns Freudan psychoanalysis. The Washington Post/Getty Images

If you're a licensed therapist, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to work in your sleepy pants. There is a growing demand — particularly from women in their 20s and 30s — for online therapy sessions. Some studies have shown that online therapy is as effective as the in-person kind [source: Singh]. Even if your therapist license doesn't permit you to practice out of state, you can join an online therapy website as a "counselor" or a "life coach."

Some popular online therapy sites are Talkspace, Virtual Therapy Connect and Pretty Padded Room. Contact them to learn more about joining their ranks of licensed therapists.

If you aren't a licensed therapist, but want to try out online counseling as a potential career option, you can join a growing number of free therapy sites as an "active listener." 7 Cups of Tea is a hugely popular online community where people can talk over their problems with attentive and compassionate strangers. You can become a listener by creating a profile and completing an active listening online course. Another popular free site is BlahTherapy.