10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

Whether via phone or webcam, a psychic can make money from home. Just make sure your pajamas look nice for the webcam reading. nullplus/Getty Images

Even if you don't know the difference between a tarot card and fortune cookie, you can launch a pajama-clad career as an online psychic. If you read the fine print on websites like the Psychic Friends Network, you'll see that online readings are performed in the name of "psychic entertainment," not real-deal voodoo.

What skills should you have to be a successful online psychic? Mostly, you need to be a good listener who can tease out a client's anxieties and dole out "tough love" advice that fits the particular situation [source: Newton]. The longer you keep the client on the line, the more money you make, although don't expect to get rich. Even Miss Cleo herself, the psychic whose "Call me now!" commercials ran incessantly during late-night TV in the 1990s, only made 24 cents a minute [source: Sowunmi].

To get started, register as an "Expert" with a service like Oranum. Using a home webcam — make sure to wear your nice pajamas — you will meet with potential clients in a free chat area, then charge them for in-depth personal consultations. If you want to invest in a set of tarot cards and a turban, that's up to you.