10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

Hugh Hefner Impersonator
How'd you like to impersonate him? The real Hugh Hefner celebrated a DVD launch at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, 2010. Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Hugh Hefner, the 80-something millionaire magnate of Playboy Enterprises, maintains a strict uniform — black silk pajamas during the day, and colored pajamas in the evening along with his signature smoking jacket and S-curve pipe [source: Playboy Enterprises]. His trademark fashion choice embodies the laid-back, sophisticated lifestyle Playboy has promoted since the 1950s.

Since 2011, a Florida man named George Kane has been cashing in on his uncanny resemblance to the octogenarian celebrity publisher. A retired high school principal, Kane decided to take a hint from the dozens of strangers who had approached him for autographs at restaurants. He bought the silk pajamas, memorized Hef's bio and began selling himself as a professional Hugh Hefner impersonator.

On Kane's website, he boasts that 90 percent of people who meet him believe he's the real Hugh Hefner. Kane works car shows, fantasy conventions, corporate events and private parties, always staying in character and happy to pose for pictures. His wife Monnie hopes it's a fad, like his brief stints as a charter boat captain and racecar driver [source: First Coast News].

True, it's hard to pull off a good Hugh Hefner impersonation if you're not a white male over 70, but don't let that get in the way of your dream to work in your pajamas.