10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

Catalog Model
Being a lingerie model doesn’t only mean camisoles and teddies -- sometimes you wear PJs too. Sloniki/iStock/Thinkstock

That lady in the back of the J. Crew catalog look so comfortable curled up on the suede couch with a mug of hot chocolate, lounging away a winter morning reading the Sunday paper in her $95 pale blue pajama set. Catalog models earn an average of $70,000 to make the latest fashions look great, even frumpy old flannel jammies [source: SimplyHired].

Not everyone is cut out for the Victoria's Secret catalog — frankly, we think genetic engineering is involved — but you might have what it takes to be a catalog model for major national department stores or local clothing chains. For clothing to look its best, catalog models are usually tall and fit, and it certainly helps to have good looks and a great smile. Catalogs also like to feature models of diverse ethnicities and distinctive looks.

The best way to break into the catalog modeling business is to sign up with a modeling agency. You can visit local agencies in person or apply online with reputable national firms. Another option is to be a fit model for a clothing store (like Kohl's). Fit models act as human mannequins, helping pajama designers see how the clothes hang and move on real people. Even better, all sizes are welcome!