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10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies


Voice-over Artist

OK, this voice-over artist is not in her pajamas -- but she could do her job that way! Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Thinkstock
OK, this voice-over artist is not in her pajamas -- but she could do her job that way! Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Thinkstock

"In a world of constricting cubicles and noncasual Fridays, one man dared to work from home in his flannel PJs ... " If you have the charcoal smooth voice of a movie trailer guy, or a talent for funny accents and characters, you could earn real money recording voice-overs in your own home studio.

Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars building a high-end recording studio in your basement, but you can also get surprisingly good sound with some cheap tricks. To cut out background noise and echo, for example, record inside a closet full of clothes. The clothes absorb reverb and deaden background noise [source: Schooler].

Quality USB microphones can be found for less than $100 online and free audio programs like Audacity and Apple's Garageband make recording clean and clear voiceover audio a snap.

But how do you find work as a voice-over artist? If you're just getting started, try websites like Voice Bunny and, where you can post samples of your work and bid on projects. It's a great way to build up professional experience before seeking out an agent.

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Author's Note: 10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

An admission — I am in my pajamas right now. Yes, I am one of those lucky suckers who works from home, often in clothes unsuitable for public consumption. When I first started working as a freelance writer, the lure of working in my jammies wasn't as powerful as the urge to never commute into an office again, and have the kind of flexible schedule where I can actually see my kids during daylight hours and be somewhat helpful to my wife. The pajamas are just a perk. As comfortable as it is to remain in loungewear all day, there are some downsides, notably when the UPS guy or a neighbor unexpectedly pays a visit and I answer the door looking like a semi-homeless man with four-day stubble and a 27-year-old sweatshirt. Do you think a tie would dress things up?

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