10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Food Critic
You can turn your after-meal critiques into a profession by writing reviews on the restaurants you visit. © Aleksander Rubtsov/Blend Images/Corbis

Getting paid to eat may sound like a dream come true, but it's a reality for food critics. They can't earn the big bucks with just a refined palate, though. They also need a flair for writing and attention to detail. Food critics write reviews of restaurants for blogs, newspapers and restaurant and travel guides. Some are freelance, and some work for specific publications

A food critic visits different restaurants and samples their menus, usually with a companion, and never reveals that they're reviewing the restaurant. Remaining anonymous ensures the chef and staff don't give them preferred service. To make your reviews more valuable and up your credibility, they should be detailed and describe the food experience in depth. Sometimes a critic's review can make or break a new restaurant. Give credit where credit's due, and if you don't like a place, make sure your readers understand why.