10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Luxury Car Test Driver
While all of the cars you drive may not be as flashy as this gold-plated sports car, your need for speed and lavish autos will definitely be satisfied as a luxury car test driver. STR/AFP/Getty Images

Do you have the need for speed but want to avoid the dangers of being a race car driver? Consider being a luxury test car driver. Companies such as BMW, Porsche and Ferrari need people to test out their cars before going to market. This means taking the car onto a private course and giving it a workout. Making it to that higher end means you'll be able to afford a luxury car of your own!

Test car drivers have many responsibilities. They must have advanced technical knowledge of automobile mechanics and engineering, since many cars are still prototypes and part of their job is reporting performance from nose to tailpipe. Driving tests measure acceleration, braking, high-speed performance, road performance, comfort, visibility, drivability and overall usability of the vehicle. Look for these types of jobs directly at the car manufacturer. Then sit back, and enjoy the ride.