10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

You can get your chocolate fix by working as a chocolatier, but try not to eat too many of your confections — they keep the dough coming in! Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

If you believe you can never have enough of a good thing, the life of a chocolatier might suit you well. A sweet job in every sense of the word, making chocolate for a living pays well if you can Willy Wonka your way to the top. With a starting salary in the low $20,000s, experienced chocolatiers can work their way up to $90,000 or more [source: Crowe]. The higher salaries might mean an executive job at a top company like Godiva.

Chocolatiers typically go to culinary school or apprentice with a master confectioner. You need (obviously) a love and taste for sweets. If chocolate is your passion, then you probably already know what flavors and tastes work well together. You'll work in-depth with flavor and texture combinations, decorate chocolates and learn all about tempering and molding chocolate. And don't forget that during holidays, your entire life will revolve around chocolate.

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