10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

If you swirl, sniff and sip every time you pick up a glass of wine, you might enjoy being a winemaker. © John Fedele/Blend Images/Corbis

Are you interested in oenology? Never heard of it? Maybe you have and just don't know it. Oenology is the study of winemaking. Many people dream of becoming a winemaker, running away from it all, moving to Italy and buying a winery — but the reality seems financially impossible. However, you don't have to own a winery to be a winemaker and make a decent living doing it. Some winemakers make around $90,000 a year [source: Crowe].

Many owners hire someone to oversee day-to-day operations and run the business. You'll need experience, though. Basic requirements include a degree in oenology, technical experience in winemaking (perhaps as an apprentice) and overall knowledge of the different varieties of grapes. It's all worth it, though, if wine is your passion. And the taste testing probably doesn't hurt, either.