10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Personal Shopper/Stylist
If leaving the mall with more money than you walked in with sounds like a dream come true, personal shopping might be the job for you. Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Thinkstock

If you consider yourself a fashionista or shopaholic, a career as a personal shopper can be both fun and financially rewarding. Many people, from celebrities to your well-dressed neighbor, don't pick out their fancy duds on their own. They have people who help them curate a wardrobe — people who understand what their clients like, what flatters them, what styles and colors work for them and what's within their budget. As a personal shopper, you must have a good eye for style, knowledge of current fashion trends and good interpersonal skills.

Experienced stylists can make up to six figures a year, but they have to put in their time [source: Law]. Consider getting a degree in fashion design or merchandising and a job in a department store before expecting to make a lot of money. Start with a few clients and slowly build from there. Once you establish yourself, you can charge by the session, and you'll find yourself spending your days shopping — on someone else's dime.