Introduction to 5 Jobs for People Who Love Kids
Teacher with students.

Working with children is one of the most rewarding careers one can have.

Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

A good job is about so much more than a paycheck. It's the satisfaction of doing something well, being a valued part of a team and feeling like your work makes a real difference in people's lives. Some of the most deeply satisfying jobs involve working with kids and young adults. Not surprisingly, they are also some of the hardest jobs out there. Working with kids requires an excess of energy, patience, sensitivity and love. But the reward of a wide smile and a sincere "thank you" makes it all worthwhile.

If you truly care for children and want to give them a head start toward successful, happy lives, consider the following list of five job ideas for people who love kids. We'll start with one of the most important figures in a child's life outside of the home: a good teacher.