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5 Advantages to Doing Your Own Taxes

It's Easy
People of all ages can do their own taxes. Images
People of all ages can do their own taxes. Images

Modern tax programs are incredibly user-friendly to people of all technological capabilities. Whichever service you choose, they'll walk you through the process in a plain language, step-by-step manner. So you probably don't need an accountant if you're planning to file a 1040EZ or 1040A. Before you begin, however, it's vital to have all of the pertinent documents and details in hand. Failure to include all of your income information or missing a big-bucks deduction will require you to file an amendment, which will take time and money I'm sure you'd rather conserve.

It's critical to note that do-it-yourself tax software is not necessarily appropriate for everyone because tax situations vary by size and scope. If you own a couple of properties, have inherited some assets, are an avid investor or engage in other tax-complicating activities, it might be best to consult a professional to cover all your bases and make sure your return is complete.

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