Fun Shopping Games for Kids
family shopping

Shopping is a chore, but it doesn't have to feel that way.


We've all seen it. A mother is walking through the store with her young children. Seemingly, everyone is happy and smiling. Then it happens. One child asks for something, and mom says no. The eyes well up with tears, the little body tenses and then he's on the ground, kicking and screaming with all of his might. The tantrum has hit the fan.

Dragging a bored kid around a store is no fun for all parties involved. But you have to get your shopping done, and if you don't have childcare lined up, your kids are going to have to tag along. The key to avoiding a major meltdown is to keep them entertained, and if they learn something in the process, that's a big bonus. Here are five fun shopping games that are sure to do the trick.