Coffee Maker
French press coffee

A French press is another lost-cow alternative if you'd like to make your own coffee.

Rob Melnychuk/Digital Vision/Getty Images

There's a good chance you love coffee. It's a daily habit for more than half of Americans over 18. And with the average brewed cup of coffee selling for $1.38, the cost can add up -- especially if you have more than three cups of coffee a day [source: Harvard School of Public Health].

A coffeemaker can be a convenience and an investment. Automatic drip coffeemakers, like Mr. Coffee, which brew pots of java by passing hot water through a filter filled with ground coffee, sell more than 14 million models every year [source: Consumer Reports]. The machines cost between $10 and $300. A 12-ounce (0.35-liter) bag of ground coffee costs between $5 and $15, and can make roughly 45 servings. That's about 33 cents a cup, plus the costs of milk, sugar and energy to power the device.

If you put a premium on variety, you might consider purchasing a single-serve coffee machine, which cost between $100 and $200, and brew coffee one cup at a time using pods that are pre-filled with coffee grounds. A 24-pack of pods costs under $16, bringing the cost of each cup to about 66 cents.