Saving on Personal Expenses
Woman looking at cell phone

Is your cell phone plan right for you? You may be paying for more than you need.


If your favorite shows are going to be available online tomorrow for free, why pay for cable? And if you do love your cable or satellite, compare your local providers' "bundle" offers. Here's a tip: You may pay less for cable and Internet by agreeing to a telephone landline, even if you'll never use it.

While each mobile phone plan may make financial sense for somebody, that doesn't mean it's right for you. There's a perfect plan out there for your particular circumstance, and that includes the best price. Compare service plans with your provider, and be realistic about your habits. It's nice to have 600 anytime minutes, but do you really use that many? Do you really need unlimited text messages, or could you get by with less? Try cutting back to a less expensive plan, and see if it still works for your needs.

Half of saving is being diligent, which can mean sacrificing convenience or thrills. But the other half is finding a solution that works for you. The more money you save, the more you'll enjoy seeing those pennies add up.