Introduction to 10 Things You Can Do at an ATM Besides Draw Cash
Hand swiping card at ATM

ATMs aren't just for withdrawing cash anymore -- these convenient machines now serve a number of purposes.


When ATMs entered our daily lives in the '80s, an industry grew around the goal of making banking and living more efficient. Suddenly, it became easy to get money without writing checks or standing in line. It became easier to overdraw that money, too.

According to the ATM Industry Association, people worldwide make 49 billion ATM transactions per year. The most pervasive new use for the machines involves making it easier to deposit money. And some banks are building in tools that allow customers to keep better track of their accounts.

Some experts predict that in a few short years, much of our banking will take place by smart phone. But as long as we use cash, no one is predicting the demise of that easy-money machine. Let's look at some of the latest ways in which businesses and consumers can take advantage of ATMs.