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Is your car over-insured?
With all of the different types of car insurance available, it might seem like some are unnecessary. But is that really the case? Read more »
Author's Note: 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Car Insurance

Recently, our auto insurance took a big jump. Apparently, our insurer now assesses a surcharge for family members under 21, even if these kids have clean driving records and qualify for the "good student" discount by maintaining a high grade point average. So we're being penalized for having a straight-A college student with a clean driving record, who only drives our vehicles during her summer break -- just because she's 19. If my husband didn't work for said insurance company, you'd better believe we'd be shopping around!

I thought I knew a fair amount about car insurance before I wrote this article, but I realized it's so easy to inadvertently pay more than you should for your insurance. How many other customers got the same hike we did and didn't even notice? And even though I've long known you should drop your collision coverage once your car gets so old that its value is almost nil, it wasn't until I was working on this piece that I suddenly realized our van is -- gulp! -- 13 years old. Why weren't we having annual personal insurance reviews to catch these things? Better yet, why wasn't our agent suggesting them? I know the answer. We have to be our own advocates. Now please excuse me. I need to cancel the collision coverage on our van ...

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