Questions to Ask Before Buying Car Insurance
car insurance questions

Shopping around before you settle on car insurance can save you money and headaches.


When it comes to picking car insurance, sometimes it's just easiest to go with what your friends use, or the company whose commercial you've seen the most on TV lately. But that's probably not the best idea. Like any business, insurance companies all have different rates, plus they can vary greatly in everything from their coverage to their office hours to the speed of their claims service. So, shopping around is essential to getting a good deal, and the proper coverage and service for you.

But don't walk into the process blindly. You have to know what questions to ask when you're shopping around, because not every agent you speak with will give you in-depth info on their coverage and all of your options. The good ones will do that, but the not-so-good agents will only cover the basics. It's up to you to ask a wide range of questions so you can truly compare plans.

If you're like most people, though, you're not an expert and don't even know what you need to know about insurance (how's that for confusing?). Keeping the following list of 10 questions close by can keep you on track while researching insurance companies and will help you choose the policy that's right for you.