goods from businesses on display at charity event

Businesses are apt to donate goods for your charity event if their names and logos are prominently displayed, as they are here.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Guess by Marciano

Involving Businesses in Charity Events

Companies and organizations with big funds at their disposal need not worry too much about budgetary restrictions. But in the case of charity organizations, the very purpose for their being is to stretch every dollar as far as it can go. Volunteers who put together or assist with planning a charity event should adopt this philosophy quickly. Local businesses and entrepreneurs are normally more than happy to associate themselves with well-known and respected charities. Often, caterers, event site coordinators and other vendors offer a nonprofit discount for their services, so be sure to shop around for the best deals.

Business solicitation is another great way to keep a tight budget in check. Volunteers can e-mail, call or visit businesses in person to ask for any goods or services they're willing or able to donate. For example, a massage therapist might donate a free couple's massage for a silent auction or giveaway, and a local coffee shop could provide complimentary coffee mugs or coupons for event attendees.

More often than not, even hard-pressed businesses can scrounge up some good or service to donate to a worthy cause, particularly if there are incentives to do so. Consider prominently displaying the company logo of donors of large sums or goods on event signage. On a different scale, donors of smaller value items can be recognized with a logo or printed name on a program or ticket. Donor recognition can be handled in any number of creative ways. Wise event planners are sure to deliver on any promises made to donors of all sizes. Jilted donors may not be so likely to repeat their act of kindness, and they often make other friends and businesses aware of their experience. Always remember that every good, service or cash donation shaves dollars off the budget and ramps up the final profit to benefit the charity.