10 Telecommuting Careers That Can Make You Rich


Financial Planner or Advisor

If you know how to help people feel like this despite the economy's downturn, share the wealth as a financial advisor.
If you know how to help people feel like this despite the economy's downturn, share the wealth as a financial advisor.
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If you're interested in learning how investments, tax laws and other financial decisions impact the bottom line, working as a financial planner or advisor could be a great way to help others while avoiding a daily corporate commute. Because financial planners can meet with clients in a variety of settings, from the local coffee shop to the client's own home, it's a simple matter to run this enterprise as a home-based business. And, with salaries in this field exceeding $100,000, you could afford to make a few smart investments of your own [source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics].

In addition, telecommuting could increase your job satisfaction. A July 2011 survey of telecommuters found that more than 85 percent reported higher productivity and happiness when working from home instead of a corporate office. For financial planners, the ability to work at home without interruption can result in less stress, too [source: McConville].

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