10 Jobs for Retired Doctors


International Volunteer

If you thought your local community had a need for volunteer physicians, you should consider the need for health care volunteers in underprivileged countries. It could be the perfect time to explore this kind of opportunity now that you're retired and free from the ties of a full-time job.

Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) is one nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing health care volunteers to developing countries. These volunteers then offer training to local health care providers, giving them the means to care for the local population. Volunteers set up continuing education workshops, lecture, conduct demonstrations and train students. In this type of program, volunteers usually serve for about a month, but sometimes as little as two weeks.

In fact, Kate Fincham, Director of Program Support at HVO, tells us that those retired doctors who remember what life was like before the technological advances of the past few decades are sometimes better able to adapt. Younger doctors have a harder time getting used to locales with sparse computer equipment to assist them.

Retired doctors might also find an expired license less of a problem in such underprivileged locations than in the United States. Fincham says that, although surgeons who haven't performed in years might not be able to perform demonstrations, an expired license might not be a problem depending on the requirements of the particular site.