10 Jobs for Retired Doctors



Help the next generation of doctors gain important knowledge.
Help the next generation of doctors gain important knowledge.

Finally, if you're burned out from practicing medicine, but would still like to use and pass on your expertise, you should consider teaching. Retired physicians can serve a great need as teachers.

Many retired doctors opt to take jobs teaching undergraduate health sciences like biology, anatomy and physiology. Compared to coming back to a full-time practice, teaching could be a low-stress alternative.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston has gained attention and praise for its nursing program, which brings in retired physicians to help train nurses. The creator of the program, Dean Patricia Starck, touts that it is a great way to combat the nursing shortage, which has to do in part with a shortage of teachers. In order to teach in this program, the physicians must be computer literate and retired only in the past few years.

In the future, other institutions might replicate this successful program and create opportunities around the country for retired physicians to pass on their knowledge.

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