10 Movies About Becoming a Grown-up


A Walk to Remember (PG, 2002)

Life doesn't always turn out as we plan. Bad boy Landon Carter's (Shane West) detention throws him into frequent contact with choir-girl Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore). She may seem sweet and reticent, but Jamie is a strong, confident, admirable character who holds her own with Landon. On Jamie's list of things to do in her life, number 42 is to befriend someone she doesn't like. Landon fills that bill. She agrees to help him with the high school senior play, but on one condition: He has to promise not to fall in love with her. Landon thinks it's a joke, but Jamie's dead serious. As she continues to challenge Landon's stereotyped view of the world, however, love blooms. Landon shifts from self-centered to sweet as he helps Jamie accomplish some of the things on her life list. He even writes one of his own. This funny, sweet and surprising movie is based on a Nicholas Sparks story, so bring the big box of tissues.