How to Make Money as a Kid

Get Freelance Gigs
Someone out there might pay $5 to see a video of you busting some hilarious or really good dance moves. Photodisc/Getty Images

There is an explosion of Web sites like Fiverr and Gigbucks where people offer freelance skills and services for as little as five bucks a job. These "micro job" sites offer everything from logo design to silly customized songs to voiceover acting. Do you have a unique or eccentric talent or skill that's worth five dollars to a complete stranger? It's worth a try.

Maybe you are a budding cartoonist. You could draw an original cartoon or customized caricature based on a client's picture. If you're a young Web designer, you could hone your skills building a stylish home page for someone's professional Web site or personal blog. Maybe you just have some hilarious dance moves. You'd be amazed how many people might pay for a custom dance video with a personalized "Happy Birthday" message. It's usually free to post a gig, but expect to lose a dollar from your fee as a service charge.