How to Throw a Sweet 16 Party on a Budget

Sweet 16 Party Supplies on a Budget

The kids on "My Super Sweet 16" have thought of umpteen ways to deliver their party invitations, each more dramatic (and expensive) than the next. Good old-fashioned snail-mail invitations are obviously a much more inexpensive option, but do you know what's even cheaper? E-mailed ones. More traditional parents might think it's too informal for such an occasion, but kids these days are constantly on their phones and computers and wouldn't think twice about it. And did we mention it's free? You can use sites such as Evite, Sendomatic and Socializr to create, send and track responses to your digital invitations.

Next up is décor. If you don't want to deal with an elaborate theme, we suggest working with a color scheme. It'll save you time and money to focus on looking for tableware, centerpieces and decorations in certain colors. But no matter what your color scheme, you can never go wrong with lots of white string lights (use what you already have from your holiday décor!) They're the simplest way to make even the plainest venue party-ready. Paper globe lights are another great option for an instantly festive look.

When you're shopping for party supplies, you'll probably find that the best deals are not at chain party supply stores. You might have to search around and mix and match from different places, but you'll end up with a much more creative, unique look than if you bought everything from the same aisle at one store. Try dollar stores, craft stores, large discount retailers and even grocery stores.

Next up are some tips on how to save on one item that could be a Sweet 16 budget-buster: the dress.