Top 5 Unexpected Travel Costs



Any trip away from home will place you in a situation where you must fulfill three basic needs: a place to sleep, a place to eat and a means to travel between those places. Nearly every trip involves more than these three factors, but leaving one of them unplanned is a sure-fire ticket to vacation disaster.

Transportation often gets overlooked, especially with the rise in popularity of destination resorts where travelers need not leave the grounds to stay sheltered, well fed and entertained. Travelers seeking to go beyond one resort's version of the ideal vacation will quickly find that transportation can make or break a unique trip, and can have a major effect on that trip's overall costs.

Before you travel, research transit options in your destination. Is it a city with a thorough bus or light-rail system? Can you travel around the region by train? These public-transit options often cost substantially less than car rental or frequent use of taxis, both of which could be priced to target unwary, deep-pocketed tourists.

There may be times, however, when a taxi or rental car will be useful. A large group could benefit from the logistic ease gained by renting a large van. Likewise, a car could be perfect if you plan to make a number of specific trips, such as running errands for a destination wedding. And if you'll only be making one or two trips and want to pay a little extra for convenience, a taxi may be your best bet. Just make sure to do your homework: An Internet search should reveal taxi services that make costly detours or practice other price hiking maneuvers [source: U.S. Department of State].