5 Toys Your Kids Won't Forget About in a Week


Train Set

Setting up the train set can bring parents and children together.
Setting up the train set can bring parents and children together.
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While cleaning out his elderly mother's house, my friend's dad recently discovered his childhood train set. Even though he hadn't seen the train in years and thought it probably had been tossed away decades ago, he was thrilled to find one of his favorite boyhood toys. Memories of playing with the train, particularly during the holiday season, brought back fond memories of family and childhood.

The first train sets were manufactured in the 1890s and, due to their expensive price, they mostly appealed to the wealthy; however, in the 1950s, the toy train became more economically accessible and surged in popularity. They have been memorable childhood toys ever since.

Train sets are fun for both parents and children; parents can help set up the train, and children can begin to learn more about the mechanics of the moving vehicles and make connections to how real-life vehicles work. As children grow, their role in setting up the train can grow too. Kids can add on more parts and tracks to expand their train sets. Decades down the road, they might rediscover their train set, dust off their conductor's hat and whistle and take their choo-choo on another spin around the railway.

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