5 Toys Your Kids Won't Forget About in a Week


Building Toys

Building toys such as blocks, Legos, Erector Sets and K'Nex are perennial children's favorites because they're both fun and educational. Toys that children can put together and take apart help them to build cognitive skills and improve relational perception. Even though your child won't realize that he is learning important development skills, playing with building toys will improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Building toys can be played with by a single child or with a group of friends. They provide children with endless ways to build and connect. You can purchase expansion sets for many building toys to allow your child to be even more creative. What's more, building toys never grow old; once your child has built a creation, he can take it apart and start over. Even though children might not remember every creation they make, they will be sure to recall the hours of fun spent flexing their creative muscles.