5 Tips for Creating a Coupon Organizer


Arrange Your Coupons

Now the fun part begins! If you have coupons piled on your counter, crammed into envelopes or stuffed into an old coupon wallet, you'll love the satisfaction of sorting them all into your new binder.

Believe it or not, there are mats sold specifically for this purpose: You unfold the mat onto a table and sort your coupons into piles according to the labels on the mat. We think this step works just as well without a mat, though.

Simply gather up all your coupons and sort them according to the categories you've chosen for your coupon binder. It's easiest to spread everything out on a flat surface, create your piles, then transfer everything to the coupon binder at once, rather than paging through each section and adding the coupons one at a time. Be sure to toss any expired coupons as you go through your stash, and if you have duplicates of any coupons, put those that expire soonest in front of (or on top of) those with later dates.

You have your binder, your beautifully organized pages and more coupons than you could spend in a lifetime of shopping sprees. But is there something you're forgetting? Read on ...