How Creating an Online Business Works

Build Your Own Website: Creating Your Own Images and Illustrations

If you're selling products on your website, you'll need photos of them. You can take them on a digital camera or your smartphone. If you're using a camera, set it to low resolution (probably 1280 x 960 pixels) because website pix are limited to 72 dpi (dots per inch). A larger or higher-resolution picture will only make your Web pages take longer to display. Edit your photos so they're the proper size, then upload to your site [source: Small Business Websites].

A few quick photo tips: Use two light sources to avoid shadows and a tripod to ensure crisp pictures. Get two medium-gray foam boards from any office supply store -- one to set your product on, and the other to put behind it. Gray is a nice, not-too-bright, neutral color that will show off your products to their best advantage [source: Small Business Websites].

Most Web-building companies offer templates you can edit to suit your needs. Find a basic look you like, then tweak it to fit your style, changing the color, font, you name it. Or start with an industry-specific template and fill with industry-specific images, which are often offered as well. Remember, though, that the look you create should fit your business' image. You might personally like rainbows and bright colors and big, loopy fonts, but those probably wouldn't be appropriate if your business sells, say, caskets.