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How Finding Office Space Works

What Functions Does the Space Need to Serve

When deciding what purposes you need your office space to fill, think about your expected everyday activities. For instance:

  • Will you expect clients to visit your office? -- Think about....a nice reception area, easy parking, product display areas, conference areas

  • Will those clients stay for extended periods of time? -- Think about.... larger meeting rooms, audio/visual rooms, the impact and impressions that the rest of your office space will make on them... Should there be a closed-off area that clients visit?

  • Will groups of your employees have regular project meetings? -- Think about.... having several small meeting rooms with white boards, computer hook-ups, overhead projection systems, etc.

  • Will many of your employees travel extensively or telecommute? -- Think about.... setting up central, non-assigned workstations where anyone can plug in and do their work with access to e-mail, and voice mail.

  • Will you need open spaces that will foster creative thinking and teamwork? -- Think about.... setting up separate areas where collaborative efforts can easily be discussed and brainstormed without disturbing others.

  • Will you have employees involved in phone negotiations, research study, and other tasks that require more quiet concentration? -- Think about.... private offices where more independent work and private discussions can take place.

  • Will you have employees or clients with sight or hearing impairments, physical challenges, etc.? -- Think about.... special accommodations for employees or clients with special needs.

  • Will you need a break room? -- Think about.... lunch room space, kitchen appliances, games and activities to relieve stress and foster creative thought, restful decor, energetic decor, etc.

  • Will noise be an issue in any respect? -- Think about.... sound proofing meeting rooms, break rooms, product development areas, manufacturing areas, etc.

  • Will you need loading and shipping dock areas? -- Think about.... future ventures into product lines you may not offer now, receiving large orders of supplies, etc.

There are probably other uses for your office space, so make sure you've thoroughly thought through all of the activities you see being performed on a routine (and even a non-routine) basis and write them down. Your final selected space should accommodate most if not all of those needs.

So now you know the uses the space will have, but how much square footage should you look for? Let's go to the next session to find out how to estimate the size office you need.