How Marketing Plans Work

Action Plan and Implementation

Let's talk about the tactical and implementation issues of your marketing plan. How do you decide exactly which magazines or newspapers in which to advertise? What is the difference? This is called your Media Plan and can actually become a separate, and much more detailed, document. For this article, we will cover the basics and help give you an idea of what goes into planning your media advertising and what should be included in your marketing plan. It's time to get out your calculator and put on your math hat.

Your media plan should:


  • specify which media you will be using to carry your advertising message, such as magazines, newspapers, direct mail, Internet, etc.
  • detail the specifics, such as which publications
  • detail even more specifics, such as which issues, times, dates, etc.
  • list the budget for each vehicle
  • describe the rationale behind each selection

How do you go about determining those things? First you have to weight your media.