How to Start a Delivery Service

Even in today's recession, you can be successful running a delivery service. People want the timesaving ease of getting the things they want brought right to their door. With nothing more than a cell phone and reliable transportation, you can deliver or pick up just about anything imaginable for your clients. Here's how to start a delivery service:

  1. Come up with a business plan for managing and growing your new company. Identify your goals and lay out all the financial requirements. Figure out what kind of initial investment you will need, based on any equipment or other necessary purchases [source: SBA].
  2. Determine where your delivery boundaries will be, and what you will charge. Consider the costs of your transportation and the amount of time it will take you to get places.
  3. Advertise your business so you can find your first customers. Drop flyers in mailboxes around your delivery area. Put an ad in the yellow pages, newspapers and on the Internet. You can offer coupons to attract new business. You might want to target senior facilities, business offices and college campuses. It's up to you to generate your own business [source: Walden University].
  4. Secure a gas-efficient vehicle or two with plenty of space for cargo and properly insure them for delivery usage. Hire a few delivery people and try to coordinate multiple deliveries and pickups to maximize efficiency [source: Walden University].
  5. Make contacts with businesses that don't offer their own delivery and see if you can work together [source: Walden University]. You can try pharmacies, grocery stores, dry cleaners, liquor stores or whatever businesses you can think of. Your only limit is your imagination.