How to Deal With a New Boss

Tips for Meeting a New Boss

Regardless of whether the new person is you or your new boss, you should arrange (if he or she hasn't already) a more formal one-on-one meeting soon after the first day on the job, being considerate of the fact that the schedule is probably pretty busy the first week. This is a great way to both demonstrate your initiative and start building this new relationship right away. Keep in mind that most new managers are feeling some stress at the change, too. You can help yourself by making clear that you can help him or her in the new position and that you're someone to rely on to get things done. The new boss may or may not have read your resume on file, so give a brief background about yourself, emphasizing the skills you bring to your position [source: Half].

Someone put your supervisor in that position for a reason, and it's almost guaranteed there is a plan in place for how things will be run. As you come into your first formal meeting with your new boss, keep an open mind, be honest and, above all, don't be fake. It's not always easy, but having the right attitude and looking at the new relationship as an opportunity can make your life a lot easier.

OK, so your meeting is all set. What are you going to talk about? That's what we'll discuss in the next section.