5 Tips for Getting Organized at Work

No need to make the "Home Alone" face; we'll teach you how to stay on top of things at work. See more pictures of corporate life.

Starting a new job is one of the more stressful life events. From learning a new commute to mastering different skill-sets (not to mention trying to figure out if your boss finds your sense of humor refreshing or revolting), it's difficult to develop an organizational system from the ground up. Beyond starting a job, many of us find ourselves starving for a little organization even if we've been toiling in the same office for years.

But getting to a place where you feel confident and prepared in your career means a lot more than simply keeping your pencils neatly stored in your "I Don't Do Mondays" coffee mug.

In the next few pages, we'll scope out ways that you can get your space and yourself organized for optimal working conditions. From cleaning up to calming down, we'll dispel some rumors about how handling multiple tasks at a time is better than one -- and explain why a messy workspace doesn't always mean chaos.