10 Questions to Ask at a Job Fair


What Do You Enjoy Most About Working For the Company?

As a general rule, people love talking about themselves. Recruiters are no different. Since they spend 90 percent of their day talking about the company or listening to applicants tell their own employment stories, it's nice to give the recruiter a chance to tell his or her own story for a change.

By asking the recruiter what he or she enjoys most about working for the company, it puts him or her on the spot. If the recruiter has a hard time answering the question or comes up with generic answers, that response might raise some concern [source: White]. On the other hand, if the recruiter is genuinely excited about his or her work and can come up with specific examples of positive experiences, this is a chance for you to bond about workplace culture and your own favorite working moments. Choose an anecdote in which you met a professional challenge, created something successful and learned something about yourself.