10 Common Questions Asked at a Job Interview


Will You Hire Me? Please?

The result of your interview won't be this clear, but a few discreet queries can give you a good indication of your fate.
The result of your interview won't be this clear, but a few discreet queries can give you a good indication of your fate.
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It's not good form to come right out and ask those people interviewing you for a job opening whether they're going to hire you. You want to be a little more subtle than that. But there are questions you can ask that will give you some insight as to what to expect next. Start by stating that you're very interested in the job. Then ask, "When do you think you will be making your decision about this job?" Or "What will be your next step in the hiring process?" If you're brave and don't mind being disappointed, you can ask at the end of an interview: "Do you think you'll be calling me back for a second interview?" If the answer to that question is no, asking "Why not?" might enable you to correct any wrong impression the interviewers might have. At worst, the answer might teach you something that will be useful when you interview for a job somewhere else.

Good luck!

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