Top 10 Jobs for Foodies



For a lot of foodies, cuisine is inextricably linked with nutrition. But the health-yumminess balance isn't always easy to achieve, especially in the United States, where people have become accustomed to fast and heavily processed foods that don't pack a lot of nutritional punch.

Enter the nutritionist, a culinary knight in shining armor for those who wish to eat healthy, but also enjoy what they consume. Their job is to teach people how to experiment with healthy food in order to bring out its full flavor potential.

"There are a lot of opportunities for nutritionists as companies, insurance brokers and individuals to seek ways to prevent disease through diet and lifestyle," says Kristen Ciuba, a Washington, D.C.-based nutritionist.

Being a nutritionist is also a potentially lucrative career choice, with independent consultants earning between $40 and $120 per hour [source: Ciuba]. It's also a fast-growing field and one that's perfect for foodies with a penchant for helping others [source: BLS].