Top 10 Jobs for Foodies


Food Entrepreneur

Throughout history, some of the best cuisine has been born of a combination of necessity and creativity, and the same holds true today. And if you're a foodie with a penchant for experimentation, you may just stumble upon the next big thing in cuisine.

In the old days, having a new idea for a food or beverage meant pounding the pavement in a quest to convince others to try your creation. Nowadays, people are very interested in trying new and entrepreneurial foods, especially if said foods are local, organic and come with a good back story -- such as Sam Adams dusting off his great grandfather's beer recipe to make Samuel Adams Boston Lager [source:].

So whether you're stuffing bison burgers with foie gras or deep-frying Mars bars, remember that bringing a delectable new dish to market could be a great way to kick off your foodie career.