Top 10 Jobs for Foodies


Food Educator

People who love food are invariably curious about where it comes from and what can be done with it. That's why a great job for foodies is to be a food educator -- especially one who combines the beauty of growing and cooking food with essential academics for children.

Jennifer Mampara, for example, is a die-hard foodie who makes a career out of giving lessons on gardening, nutrition and food preparation to children at Watkins Elementary School in Washington, D.C. "Kids are naturally drawn to gardening and cooking," she says. "And they learn so much about math and science through planting, observing, harvesting and preparing different foods."

With health and nutrition becoming national priorities, educating both children and adults about the virtues of good food, as well as how to grow and prepare it, will likely continue to rise up in the ranks of foodie careers.